Kitchen Renovations And You

Renovating your kitchen can seem like a great idea but can quickly turn into a nightmare if it isn’t planned right. Here are some top tips to get you closer to your new kitchen.

Set your budget

Going into any project without setting a budget will put you on the fast track to an empty bank account. By setting a realistic budget, you’ll know exactly how much you have to play with and what you can achieve. Putting a dollar amount on your renovation does not mean you can’t achieve the look you’re after. The market is full of affordable options for finishes, lighting and plumbing fixtures. Just be sure to get all your quotes, or factor in some contingencies for labour, before hitting the “GO” button.

Make it practical

Having a sensational looking kitchen is all well and good, but it becomes an expensive decorative piece if it isn’t functional. Before we even think about how it’s going to look, we need to know where everything is going to sit. When planning your new kitchen, make sure that it flows. We want to be able to go from our fridge and pantry to our bench-top without having to run an obstacle course. Same goes from getting our food to our cooking appliances, and then clear access to the sink.

Part of our planning process should also take growth of the household into account. Will your appliances handle the number of people in your home? If you plan on entertaining, will your new kitchen be able to make the night a breeze? Looking at elements like the width or number of ovens in the kitchen, space for microwaves and whether you go for a full or half size dishwasher will all have an impact on your new kitchen.

Adding a sense of style

There is no shortage of colours and finishes when it comes to decorating our kitchens. Plumbing fixtures come in all manner of metallic colours (including rose gold) or can be powder coated in any colour you like. Similarly, laminates and engineered stone tops come in a multitude of colour and style options. The same can also be said for our splashbacks, as we’ve got a myriad of tiling, metal, laminate and glass options available to us.

With so many colours available to us the combinations are endless, allowing for a completely unique kitchen. Having said that, it pays to try and unify these components into a theme.

Light it up

Preparing your new kitchen doesn’t just come down to the cabinets and fixtures. Lighting plays a huge role in its feel and functionality. When we plan our kitchen lighting, we need to consider the three lighting types – ambient, task and accent. Ambient lighting is general lighting and is used to brighten up the room overall. Task lighting is used as its name implies, to help you see during tasks. This includes pendants over our workspaces, so we don’t cut ourselves while chopping veggies. Lastly, accent lighting is used to add highlights to our kitchen. As an example, coloured LED strip lighting under our overhead cabinets can help provide a unique look but isn’t vital to our tasks or adding brightness to the room.

By planning out your kitchen renovation before you break out the tools, you’re bound to have a hassle-free time. If you’re looking at renovating, drop us a line at and we’ll help guide you through.

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